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“DIY divorce” may sound like a strange term. The idea behind it is to help people get affordable, quality legal service. For years, there have been few options if you need legal help. You could hire an attorney at an hourly rate, get help from a legal aid, or do everything yourself. 

Kansas now allows attorneys to provide limited scope legal help. The Law Offices of Kenneth McRae, LLC offers fixed cost service for preparing divorce pleading, a term we like to call “DIY divorce.” This method provides help for when you want to do it yourself — but not do it alone.

What to Expect in a DIY Divorce

In a typical divorce case, you would meet with an attorney, develop a strategy for your case, and meet with them regularly (and over a long period of time) to see that strategy through. This route is ideal for complex or contested divorces, and it can be a good fit for individuals who are feeling overwhelmed and alone.

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In some other cases, a married couple may agree on most of the divorce terms, or they may not be able to afford extensive work with a divorce attorney. A DIY divorce can be a good solution in these situations. Working with Ken McRae, you can expect the process to look something like this:

  • Initial consultation. As with any case, it’s important to have that initial meeting with your attorney. Here, you can get acquainted, explain the details of your case, and provide information on the approach you want to take.
  • Gathering documents. There will be a number of documents needed for your case. During the consultation, we’ll discuss everything you’ll need to move forward with your divorce case.
  • Preparing paperwork. Next, our attorneys will complete the paperwork needed to complete your divorce. We’ll give you the peace of mind that comes with having an attorney while saving you the time and money associated with a standard divorce case.

Reading through this page, you may feel unsure about whether you want to go the standard route or the DIY route. The nice thing about that initial consultation is that our team can help you determine the right fit for your needs. What most people need when going through a divorce is to have their story heard and their needs protected. Whether you want to hire our team for a long-term case or simply get the paperwork you need to do it yourself, we’ll listen to your story and address your needs so that you can make the best of this difficult situation.

Helping Kansans take the best course for their divorces

Ken McRae has been practicing law for more than 20 years and has handled family law cases, real estate contracts, wills and estates, personal injury cases, and criminal matters. From serving on a panel of attorneys helping low-income individuals to serving as a judge pro tem, Ken’s experience has prepared him for trying cases, arguing motions, appearing in mediation, and negotiating settlements. He will closely evaluate your case to determine the right approach for your unique needs.