At the Law Offices of Kenneth McRae, LLC, we believe in working with our clients to reach their goals — rather than forcing our goals on their case. Our attorneys have practiced law for more than 20 years. In that time, we have tried dozens of cases and settled hundreds more.

We realize there is no one approach that will work for every case. Sometimes trial is necessary. Many times, a settlement will save everyone time, money, and heartache. Some attorneys start out every case ready to fight to the death, which can make you miss opportunities for a reasonable settlement. Other attorneys fear going to trial and refuse to litigate, which may force you into a bad settlement just to avoid trial.

Instead, we take the following approach:

Step 1


We always sit down with our clients for a free, 30-45 minute consultation. This is our chance to meet you and understand exactly where your case is. This is also your opportunity to make sure you feel comfortable working with our attorneys.

Step 2


Some cases may need to go to trial. More often than not, however, family law cases should aim to reach a resolution that all parties can agree upon. During the strategy stage, we will work together to determine the best approach for your particular case.

Step 3

Aim to Settle

Especially in family law cases, the ideal situation is for all parties involved to reach a settlement together, outside of the courtroom. This can save time and spare you from the emotional turmoil that often comes with trial.

Step 4

Prepare for Trial

In some cases, it’s nearly impossible to get all parties to agree on a settlement. While avoiding stress is good, you can’t ignore your needs. If we can’t reach an agreement to settle, our team will guide you through trial and aggressively defend you.

Step 5


Even when you do everything right and the case is on a good track, there’s a good chance you will be working through many difficult emotions. Our attorneys take an empathetic approach and are here for you when you simply need someone to lean on.

“We start every case by trying to learn what is most important to our clients. Then, we work to develop a strategy that will help reach those goals. Sometimes that may mean trial, and sometimes that means brainstorming for a creative solution that no one has thought of yet.” 

— Ken McRae

Attorney Ken McCrae standing outside and smiling

Family Law Attorney in Leawood, KS

Attorney Ken McRae has been practicing law for more than 20 years and has handled family law cases, real estate contracts, wills and estates, personal injury cases, and criminal matters. From serving on a panel of attorneys helping low-income individuals to serving as a judge pro tem, Ken’s experience has prepared him for trying cases, arguing motions, appearing in mediation, and negotiating settlements. He will closely evaluate your case to determine the right approach for your unique needs.