Protection From Abuse (PFA)

Relationships can be very stressful. Almost every relationship sees its shares of disagreements and, even, arguments. Sometimes, unfortunately, one party uses threats or physical aggression. This can happen as a one-time loss of temper, or as part of a pattern of intimidation and control. When the situation involves threats or actual violence, Kansas courts can enter special protective orders under either the Protection from Abuse (PFA) or Protection from Stalking (PFS) statutes. These orders can be issued with or without a divorce or paternity case being filed. The orders can remove one party from a shared residence, or require that party to pay for the other side to obtain a new residence. The orders can also restrict or prevent a parent from seeing their children.

Many people may believe domestic violence only affects the young, or the working class, or the poor, or those with alcohol or other substance abuse problems. But the reality is very different. Domestic violence can also happen to couples in long term relationships and to highly successful families in Overland Park, Leawood and Prairie Village. If you find yourself in a situation where violence or threats are causing problems for you and your family, please consider contacting the Law Office of Kenneth M. McRae, LLC for a free consultation.